The Fashion Timeline

hello i'm Emma but i go by the name ELM . i am a fashion student and this is my blog for a piece of work i have to do based on fashion, arts and culture during the 1900 to 2000. feel free to ask me questions and leave comments.


This decade is know as the noughties by many people. This is a decade where technology took over everyones life’s, rap and hip hop music was in, television and movies became very popular and fashion became known as mash up. i was growing up in this decade so i cant remember much but this isn’t my favourite decade for fashion.

The weekender

The weekender is a film set in the 90s about raves, music and drugs. It is an interesting film to watch if you want to know more about the 90s and want to know why young adults use to get up to. The film has many well know actors in like skins actor jack o’connell.

Rave fashion

Rave clothing people use to wear things like pumps, three button Shirts, Fluorescent Yellow Jackets, White Gloves and White belts, people knew this by the name rave gear.


The 90s is most know for raves and the music. Raves became popular in the 80s and Acid house music was popular but it died down before the end of the 80s. In the mid 90s raves made a come back big than ever with different types of dance music. Some of the most famous raves were held around northamptonshire and milton Keynes area. All though it is illegal to hold unlicensed raves in the 90s people still done them and still do to this day, but normally they are quickly closed down by the police.